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What's all this about?

Exactly what it says on the tin:

"See YouTube search results on a Google Map"

(Also, it's a fun way to expand my portfolio and look for a job.)

It looks a LOT like Google Maps!

It does, no offense meant =)

The truth is that I love the Google Maps interface and I wanted to dig deep in Google's code: I learnt some tricks along the way and used some of mine to power all this up.

Why did you do this?

Seemed like no-one had done it before. And I mostly did it for fun.


Heh, I'm a coder.

Magnets, how do they work?

This server runs on a node.js instance powered by DotCloud while the database is a MongoDB instance powered by MongoLabs.

Any other geeky stuff?

Just for fun, all the CSS and the javascript (mostly minified by hand) are included in the HTML. Same goes for the pictures which are base64'ed into the CSS. Just for the fun of serving this whole site in one pass.

(Don't send technical arguments and hate mail, I know the pros and cons of doing this, I am only doing this for FUN.)

Hate mail? How do we harass you? Or HIRE you?

You can close this and pop a list of my social profiles by clicking here or you can shoot me an e-mail: josh DOT guthrie AT gmail DOT com

I'm sure you know them:

Since version 2.0, this feature doesn't work anymore.

It was fun while it lasted but we don't really need this :) I just kept this menu as a reminder of version 1.1

Server session statistics:

This server was last rebooted on ....

Since then, it received ... requests: ... visits, ... searches and ... requests for the statistics you are reading.

Total server statistics:

Overall, this server received ... requests: ... visits, ... searches and ... statistics reading.

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      Seeing stars (PLACEHOLDER)
      When you star an item, it appears on your maps and is listed in My Places.

      Using your phone? Just click the Local tab on www.google.com to see starred items and quickly find hours, reviews, phone numbers, and more.
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      MapsTube won't be working anymore for some time...

      An issue with the YouTube API makes it impossible to look for videos based on their geographic location. Stuff happens and good things must come to an end :)

      Thanks for the support :)
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